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Simple, elegant, well-maintained, and beautiful homes

Move into a long-term residence with peace of mind.

Our Origins

Our founder's passion for real estate began in 2004 after his mother helped co-sign for his first home. Over the years that followed, he bought and sold 5 of his primary residences while moving around British Columbia: Langley, Burnaby, Kamloops and then Kelowna.

With a wash in extra capital from his other busineses at the end of 2010 and dawning of 2011, he sunk this excess revenue into diversifying his investment portfolio by acquiring real estate as rental homes.

Now operating under Koingo Estates, we have bought and sold well over 20 properties, and managed almost 100 tenancies during our 10 years in operation as of 2022. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and going the extra mile for our tenants. We often will even price-match or discount rent to keep amazing long-term tenants.

Local Caretaker

Upon moving in, we will get you in touch with your local representative who will take care of all of your needs and be your primary point of contact either via e-mail or text.

Grade-A Service

We will promptly address all property concerns within 24-hours, cater to custom tenancy timelines, and even bend the rules to make your experience as enjoyable as possible!


All of our homes are thoroughly and professionally cleaned and mechanically serviced after each tenancy.

Easy Payment

Remit rent online via Interac.

Change of Plans

We understand plans change. We offer numerous options for ending a tenancy early and are not profit-hungry. We will find an option that works for both of us.


Our History

Launched in 2010 and going strong!



We make some old moves and liquidate the Arbour Lake and Kincora properties, buy a new rental in the NE, flip a condo in Saskatoon and then relocate our home office back to Kelowna, BC!


Calgary Expansion

Our founder converts his primary home in Calgary into a beautifully reno'd rental home, and personally relocates to Arbour Lake. Then, continues to buy an additional rental property in the NE.


Alberta Bound

At the dawning of the pandemic, our founder converts his home in Kelowna into a rental property and relocates to Calgary in pursuit of new markets. We liquidate some of our BC holdings.



We buy and flip two properties — one in Kamloops in Batchelor Heights, and waterfront condo in Victoria.


Back to Kamloops

We continue to expand our property holdings and acquire a large home in Sahali in Kamloops. We do our largest renos project yet!


New Horizons

We acquire our 5th Castlegar home, and push into the Kelowna market with a luxury home rental — rented by room.


Continued Expansion

We acquire two more additional homes in Castlegar to add to our holdings.


Kootenays Expansion

We decide to make Castlegar our main target market, and begin by buying two detached homes at the end of the year.


Our Beginnings

Our founder moves to Kelowna, and turns his property in Kamloops into his first full-fledged rental home.